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Balcony Type Solar Collector

  • P-G/0.6-L/JS-0.9-2-C-Z
  • P-G/0.6-L/JS-0.9-2-C-Z
    Balcony solar water heater is made up of heat receiver, transparent cover plate, insulating layer, shell and so on. As an experienced manufacturer, our products are popular worldwide due to its high p...
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Balcony split solar water heater is mainly used to absorb sunlight. It is composed of heat receiver, transparent cover plate, insulating layer, shell and so on. It covers two types for you to choose, P-G/0.6-L/JS-0.9-2-C-Z and P-G/0.6-L/JS-1.8-2-D-Z. Our company is a profession supplier of solar collector in China.


1. P-G/0.6-L/JS-0.9-2-C-Z
2. P-G/0.6-L/JS-1.8-2-D-Z


1. Laser welding makes balcony split solar water heater stable.
2. Cover plate adopts super white tempered glass, thus our product has high air tightness.
3. High heat property
4. Insulation layer uses drying technology to avoid water vapor when using it.
5. Flow channel adopts purple copper tube and good welding, thus it can withstand work pressure 600KPa.
6. The thickness of main part’s frame is 1.2mm.
7. The absorber plate adopts galvanizing black chrome and its absorption ratio is ≥95% and emission ratio ≤10%
8. Our solar collector has been certificated by Solar Keymark.


1. Geographical condition of customer’s location, average temperature, highest temperature, lowest temperature and its duration.
2. The price of balcony split solar water heaterand its quantity, and what kind of absorber plate customer choose.
3. Water condition and pressure for running water
4. Please make ensure that whether customer need electrical heating rod for tank.
5. The voltage and specification of plug in customer’s area
6. The wall at which solar collector will be installed must be solid enough to withstand four-time’s weight of solar thermal collector with full water.
7. Please make sure whether our customers have other requirement.

Installation and Maintenance

1. Please not cover balcony split solar water heater during installation.
2. If the installation site has hard water, then you should drain contamination half a year. Meanwhile, check whether anode magnesium rod is consumed.
3. The anti-freezing solution must be 10℃ lower than local lowest temperature.
4. Remember to clean balcony split solar water heater regularly.
5. Before spray anti-freezing solution, please clean the system. Different anti-freezing solution can be mixed together and you can’t use running water to dilute it.
6. For the extremely cold area, you need to drain solar collector if you leave it unused for a long time in winter.

Package, Transportation and Payment:

Package: we use foam inside and five-layer paper box outside to protect balcony split solar water heater.It has passed the drop test.
Transportation: by sea
Payment: letter of credit, telegraphic transfer