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Roof Type Solar Collector

Description of Roof Solar Water Heater We offer newly designed high quality heat pipe solar collectors for solar water heater. Using innovative technologies in the production of residential solar water heating gives you great performance and protects your finances as well as the environment.
With the high standard of quality and the robust casing, you can utilize the energy of the sun over particularly long periods, and the value of your property increases as well. Vanward roof solar water heater provides you lasting heating convenience for hot water heating and central heating backup.

Features of Residential Solar Water Heating:

1. Elegant design and high efficiency
2. Frame thickness: 1.2mm
3. Absorber imported from Germany BlueTec
4. Optimal heat absorption and overall efficiency: High absorption of solar radiation (≥95%) and at the same time low emission of infrared radiation (≤5%).
5. The absorber is designed using the method of laser welding, which allows for permanent and durable connection of copper and aluminum elements of absorber.
6. The cover of the housing is made with structural glass offering high permeability to solar radiation (≥91%).
7. Copper pipes, firmly welded.
8. Can withstand 600KPa working pressure
9. Roof solar water heater has been subject to quality texts which are confirmed by Solar KEYMARK certificate.

Note of Roof Solar Water Heater

1. Geographical situations of user’s location
2. Average annual temperature information (highest, lowest, and duration)
3. Product price and quantity
4. Types of the required collector
5. Water quality in user's area
6. The requirements of voltage and plug specifications of the user.
7. Other specific requirements

Maintenance of Roof Solar Water Heater:

1. Avoid the collector being covered when installation
2. Regular cleaning of the collector surface is needed.
3. Do not leave the collector exposed to solar radiation when the solar loop has been drained.
4. If long time without using during wintertime, residential solar water heating should be drained.
5. A heat pump is recommended in case where the system may be subject to long periods of stagnation.
Packaging of Residential Solar Water Heating Packaging: foam packing for extra protection Transportation: suitable for long distance shipment Payment terms: L/C, TT Types of Roof Solar Water Heater
P-G/0.6-L/JS-1.8-2-E-Z P-G/0.6-L/JS-2.2-2-F-Z
P-G/0.6-L/HG-1.8-ZG/G-A1 P-G/0.6-L/HG-2.2-Z/G-A1