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Introduction of Water Heat Pumps

1. Our China water heat pumps are one of the most advanced and high efficient equipments. Its working principle is extracting heat from air by the condenser and do heat exchange with water heat exchanger.
2. Our air heat pump machines are mainly used as showering and washing for institutions and service industries.
3. This product is mainly composed of compressor, system pipeline, orifice union, Four way valve assembly, heat exchanger (steamer), heat exchanger and shell.

Working Principles of Air Heat Pump.

Advantages of Air Heat Pump

1. High efficiency and energy saving: our China water heat pumps cost less electricity and extract large amount of heat, so it has high heat efficient and low cost. Compared with traditional one, it can save 70% energy.
2. Environmentally friendly: it uses natural energy. There is no gas pollution, no smoke and dust emission and zero pollution for environment.
3. Reliability and safety: it can realize the insulation of water and electricity. There is no potential dangers like easily flammable, explosive, easily get electrical shock and easily poisonous.
4. The China water heat pump auxiliary function can make hot water in 15℃~43℃ high efficiently without the infection of cloud, rain, snow and night.
5. Intelligent control. Micro computer control, easy operation and memory for cutting the electricity. The auxiliary function of electrical heating can prevent heating without water and over high water temperature.
6. Longevity and durability: the famous brand compressor has reliable performance and long life time.
7. Water heat pump has been approved of CE.
Product indicator diagram of air heat pump Assembly drawing of air heat pump Guideline for setting of air heat pump
Vanward Vanward Vanward

Specifications of Air Heat Pump

Model Number of water heat pump KP18/200W-A
Rate Voltage/Frequency 230V-50HZ
Heat Pump Rated Heat Output 1800W
Maximum Electric Current Input 2.53A
Rate Electric Current 2.53A
Rate Wattage 557W
Ambient Temperature 5-43℃
Net Weight 64.5kg
Noise 47dB(A)
Refrigerants R134a/650g
Capacity Of Water Tank 200L
Diameter Of Inlet And Outlet Water Pipe DN20
Water-Proof Class IP×4
Electric Shock Preventing Style Class
Permissible Excessive Operating Pressure Suction/Discharge Side 0.8/2.4Mpa
Heat Exchanger 2.4Mpa
Water Tank 0.7Mpa
External Dimensions 510×510×1670(mm)


Testing conditions are that the ambient dry bulb temperature is 20℃,wet bulb temperature 15℃,inlet water temperature 15℃, and outlet water temperature 55℃

Spare Parts Specifications of Water Heat Pumps

Name Quantity Shape Description
Check Valve 1 Vanward
used when fitting in the water lines
Y-shaped Filter 1 Vanward
used when fitting in the water lines
T&P Relief Valve 1 Vanward
used when mounting the water heater

Types of Water Heat Pumps

KR18/200W-A KR18/200DW-A
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